Try A Little Tinderness: 24 Hours on Tinder, A Social Experiment

I'm sure I am not alone in that I place a certain stigma on Tinder. Since I found out about the "dating app" some time ago, it seemed a lot more, "date rape" and “To Catch a Predator” and a lot less, “let's go on a date” and “The Notebook.” After talking with a few friends (guys and girls) who have used the app and like it, I decided to break into the Tinderworld with my own little social experiment to either confirm or deny my judgment.

My objective in this experiment was to get a bit of understanding on how these Tinderoni's are using the app, for “hook ups” only or to actually meet someone they can potentially be with. But, I also wanted to have a little fun and really, at the risk of sounding like an asshole, straight up jack with people. While I have to say I wasn't too far off with my original notion, it was a little less creepy than I had originally predicted.  Don’t get me wrong, there were still a bunch of weirdos, people wanting to meet up right away, wanting to “send me a picture,” etc.  I guess I just assumed that was all it was gonna be. There were actually a few decent human beings from what I could gather in my short 24 hours.

Needless to say, the 24 hours were pretty absurd and highly entertaining, for me anyway.  It was certainly a nice little confidence boost after having taken a recent hit to the ol' heart. And much to my surprise, a lot of these guys actually indulged in my ridiculous behavior, obliged my whimsy. Over-all they were pretty great sports.  Even though this experiment came at the expense of a little of my pride, I would have to say the juice was worth the squeeze. You will find below some of the highlights from my Tindertimes. *Names have been removed to protect the innocent.

I used my real photos and information and I swiped right randomly for 1 minute to begin.  

Hungry Harry

Mister Right?

The Eager Beaver

Good Sport Sam

The Wizard

Mister Supportive

 The Cheerleader

 Mister Cool McCantcompete 

Sad Panda

Ben Gay

 Humble Henry

No Me Gusta


Anonymous said...

Lindz, this is brilliant. I mean it. I really did "lol." Genius... - Dave Woodring

Ashley Hayes said...

You're hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

You are very interesting a true character