My Soundtrack

As much as I’d like to believe in talking purple cats; however much I’d like to think that hot, sweaty men always walk away from gnarly explosions untouched and in slow motion, that the boy always gets the girl and that Kevin Bacon will somehow be my friend, lover or hair stylist someday, the sad truth is, that’s all the magic of cinema.

There are days in my life where I’d like think that I’ll open my front door and some heart throb will be standing there in the rain with diamonds and chocolate-covered gummi bears waiting to "Hollywood Kiss" me, but that hasn’t happened (yet.) I have walked into a sliding glass door on numerous occasions and not once has it even been kind of funny!  That stuff only happens in the movies. 

There are days when Zippity-freaking-Do-Da should be playing in my background, others when it should be Bitter Sweet Symphony, and a few could probably use a little Teen Spirit. The good news is the vast majority of my days are somewhere between Hakuna Matata and Mr. Blue Bird sitting on my shoulder. The better news is, however my life plays out, I am in complete control of it’s soundtrack and I'll take that over Kevin Bacon any day.

This track is currently playing in my background… on repeat. Before you listen, I should warn you, this song (and its lyrics) are completely amazeballs!


Ellie Goulding - This Love

Hug a Stranger Today

Bob is back and he brought Shaggy along with him! I haven't heard a peep out of Shaggy since he was naked on a bathroom floor and honestly, I haven't missed him. But there's something about this track... Shaggy's not too shabby, and Sahara is beautiful.  I will never tire of Bob Sinclar's inevitably upbeat, cheerful melodies. His music makes me want to hug a perfect stranger. 

Tommy Boy

When I hear the name Tom Ford one word comes to mind, GENIUS! This man deserves a Nobel for what he's done with his Spring/Summer 2010 Menswear Collection. The cuts are not for just any guy, they're for a narrow and daring young man. The length of his swim trunks are not for the bashful boys and his prints are not for the pointdexters. He makes a popped collar look elegant and a bowtie, smashing. Metro-sexual has never looked so good.

I'm anxiously awaiting the former Gucci Womenswear Designer and Creative Director's launch for us girls. Last fall Mr. Ford told Women’s Wear Daily that he was still seeking financiers for his women's wardrobe but a little European birdie has chirped that Ford has begun recruiting designers for his forthcoming launch. Although Ford's garb can easily cost an arm and a leg... at least your other arm and leg look fabulous once you're dressed.

Tom, love you, love your SUITS.

Take Me Home

I'm in love with Nicole Richie's, House of Harlow 1960, vintage inspired jewelry.  House of Harlow is the best thing to happen to jewelry since the Candy Necklace and the Ring Pop.  I can't get enough of her triangle tribal necklace, stackable rings and her perfect pave pieces.  I don the black tribal necklace and I just discovered that it's gold plated on the back so with a little shimmy shine, this piece is reversible.  House of Harlow 1960 is available at ShopKitson.com.



Marcus Rombo remixes Adrian Lux's, Strawberry. This track screams summer to me, the lyrics are lucid and perfect, they make me smile.

Strawberry is on my current "Windows Down" playlist. Criteria for the "Windows Down" playlist are simple; the song just has to make me want to roll my windows down and drive... nowhere.


Adrian Lux - Strawberry (Marcus Rombo Remix) by littlelindsb

And We're Live In 3... 2... 1...

So this is it, this is my “blog.” This is purely to serve as my creative outlet; a collection of  ingenuity; a cyber 'space' for my imagination to play. I won’t promise to update it every day or even every week because I won’t make promises I can’t keep. Your eyeballs are always welcome, especially if they accompany an open mind. If you do decide to visit, your eyeballs are likely to find me writing about life and it’s idiosyncrasies. They’ll find me fiddling with my camera and flirting with Photoshop. The eyeballs will see my favorite trends in fashion and those ears of yours, they will dance to my favorite music. Visit as often as you like, or not at all. There are no rules and no promises.

love you, love your shoes.